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Therapy is for


You’re here for a reason...

Whether you are getting back into therapy or trying it for the first time it’s great to have you here! Counseling and psychotherapy provide a wonderful opportunity to heal painful wounds, improve communication, discover why you face the same challenges over and over, and get to know your most authentic self, leading to improvements in your overall life satisfaction.


No matter the presenting concern: anxiety, depression, anger, loss, or any life transition, therapy can be an intensely rewarding and life altering process. Going into partnership with your deepest self will give you lasting assurance that you can face life’s trials with greater confidence. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.


~George Santayana

Aimee Innes, LMHC


I love helping people peel back layers of life experience so they can reveal their true self and promote that true self in all areas of life and relationships. In therapy, it is not uncommon to find you are living a story someone else wrote. Uncovering this is quite liberating!

I strive to teach people how to consider their own expertise, without question, as self-doubt is one of the biggest barriers to growth. My background is steeped in the traditions of Depth Psychology and Existential Philosophy and my work focuses on self-love, kindness and trust in self as the cornerstone of wellness. When we learn to love, respect and trust ourselves, body and mind, the rest falls in line.


Since 1999 I have been helping people feel better and more satisfied with their lives. I invite warmth and humor to the work to make it easier to approach life's difficulties. I am committed to helping you live a more authentic life and feel more like yourself than you ever thought possible. I truly believe your life is your own personal playground to explore, not a personal burden to "get through" or “overcome."  


If you are looking for a partner in personal growth and healing, together we will work to achieve your goals.

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